Half Day Kindergarten

Is this a thing of the past? I have been looking for ideas on how to fit in all of the items we need to accomplish in a day and I am coming up short by a couple of hours. Most websites that I have seen only have full day kindergarten schedules.

This is what I need to accomplish  in a day:

Literacy Block (reading to self, read to by teacher, listening center etc…, writing, small groups)



S.T.E.A.M activity that ties to the core ( art, engineer, technology,math, science)

library, drama and or specialty


sharing work



Of course there are transition times as well.

It is hard being a teacher. It is also incredibly rewarding. I never realized all that kindergarten teachers had to do until I became one. I truly love kindergarten and the students. Trying to fit everything into the day is like playing a game of Tetris.

Any ideas?

*a little visit from a friend from the BYU Bean Museum.