healthy living mama

Okay, lets be real this is how the change in eating has gone.

I lost 10 lbs! Gained 4lbs! Lost 5lbs! Gained 2lbs! Lost 3lbs! All in a month. I am obviously capable of losing weight as I continually prove. 🙂

I love this program. it is a perfect fit for me. I can tell it works but I am still learning balance. It is so hard.

My starting weight is a whopping 224lbs. I am solidly at 214lbs. I can’t believe I am doing this but…. this is where I am starting from.

Click on the link above for more information.

I am a work in progress. I am going to be my best self. I am becoming more mindful. I am making choices instead of allowing food to choose for me.

There is still time to join me. Every day is a chance to improve yourself. Whatever that journey entails for you.

I am actually on a bigger journey than my weight. I am on a journey of self discovery, of financial peace and health.

What journey are you on? Or which one would you like to be on? I will go with you through it.

Start today! It is never too late.

Kids smartwatches

I have looked these smartwatches for kids and I have been so intrigued.

GPS kids smartwatch

I have thought maybe they are a waste of money but, I  also love the accessibility to my kids and knowing where they are.

Do you find your kids call you a lot?

Do they work like you think they would?

Hmmm…..let me know.

“I AM”

The last two weeks I have been focusing on what I am not what I am not. I have too much negativity in my self talk. So, I am in the process of creating a vision board and self-talking positivity. You know what, it is making a difference.

I am feeling more calm, peaceful and centered than ever before. I alway thought self talk was hookey. You know right up there with acupuncture, mindfulness, astrology…you know, you believe what you believe right?

I am finding out my brain is my most powerful weapon in helping to uplift and focus on what is most important.

Heavenly Father sure knew what He was doing as he brought certain people into my life when I needed them most. 2 weeks ago, that is just what He did again.

I have no illusions that change is difficult and it takes a long time but, I am finding I am willing to put in the time for myself. I am worth every minute of my time.

What are your “I am’s”? It is harder than you think to believe what you say. I learned that I must say it out loud and if I can look at myself in the mirror-bonus points!

Think about your purpose, your value, your mission and be brave as well as strong enough to figure out what it is. What does He need you to be?

Birth parents and Me

So, my son Jacob was married on Saturday! All about that is in another post.

What I wanted to work through were my feelings on having his birth family in attendance.

Disclaimer: I knew they were going to be there. Jacob kindly asked our permission before they were invited.

I had no reason to worry or be upset by his BM coming. It was for him and that was fine with me.

They were in attendance and they were incredibly kind and gracious.

It was really hard to see his bio siblings upset. At first, they started crying, were angry and upset. (Their ages are 17,16&13 )  Then, they were resentful of certain requests. (i.e., family pictures)  It wasn’t an easy time.

However, as the day progressed they were getting a little more relaxed and handled the tummy family better.

Then came the daddy daughter dance. I was asked to dance with Jacob for a mother son dance. Of course, I was thrilled but what happened next was really what made me grateful for so many reasons. This boy. The one who disliked me for years. The one who fought against the rules. He left a few times. This boy was angry about his circumstances and I was an easy target. This boy who valiantly fought against all that was good. He took me in his arms, started and crying and told me how much he loved me. How thankful he is that I am his mom.

Halfway through the dance, I invited him to dance with his birth mom. He politely declined and danced the whole dance with me.

So, I was okay with everything up until a certain point. There were some things that went on that were very hard for me to deal with. It really was okay but for some reason it grated on me a bit.

I guess the point of this is that I survived. I thought I would feel insignificant.I thought I would feel challenged. I thought I would feel that I wasn’t his mom. I was so scared that I wouldn’t measure up. I built this moment up in my head. I made myself out to be less than I am. My son sure showed me though. He showed me how much love and respect he has for me and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. He helped me to realize I have worth and value in his eyes. What mom could ask for more?


Here are some pics for your viewing enjoyment:


the old people?

I had a few thoughts on Sunday evening that I have pondered and wanted to share.

For the last 15 years, Christmas Eve has been spent with our dear friends Adam and Kenice Whitaker. We have gathered together, had dinner, played the left/right game and had many laughs.

Over the years, as expected, our families have changed a lot. We started with 7 kids between us. As I sat and watched this year, 2017, I noticed we have grown to a family group of 32.

While pondering the group all around me, I realized that we were the parents of the group. We were the “old” people. I was watching the married kids talking and laughing about silly stuff. I remember when we were the silly laughing group.

This time, we were just the observers of the conversation. Of course, we were still having fun, included, laughing and talking but the next generation had become the center.

I am not sure if I am saying this correctly but I guess I realized that some of my children are adults. They have full lives that don’t revolve around me anymore. More and more I am trying to revolve around them. I am trying my best to still be an important part of their lives.

They are the generation that is going forward in faith. They will become the center of their siblings lives. They will be having these dinners without us someday.

However, for now, I am grateful to be in their universe. I am grateful watching them laugh, joke, hug and talk. there is such a satisfying joy in knowing my children are talking to each other, encouraging each other and supporting each other the best way they can.

One day, they will be sitting on the outskirts watching their children. I hope they will smile and say, “mom was right. This is one of the best parts of parenting.”



When I met John, I sure hit the jackpot.

Over the years, he has continued to support everything I do. Even when I have a particularly wacky idea.

Today is my 47th birthday. Now, I love my birthday a lot. This is not a secret. 😉 I am not sure how he manages it but every year is better than the one before.

Today, he has given me a present every hour.

They have been thoughtful presents that also let me know that he listens to me.

  • I started the day with a note from each of my children.
  • We then proceeded to a family picture for work.
  • a scarf, gloves and headband
  • a chiropractor appointment
  • a bouquet of flowers
  • a massage
  • soda
  • a warm blanket

I am not sure what is coming next except dinner out is on the list. He really is incredible.

What you may not know is he does the grocery shopping, the meals, runs the kids everywhere, cleans the house and a myriad of other things. All the while maintaining a full time job and supporting my job.

A thank you seems so little for all that he does for me. So, I decided to write this post to help me remember all that he is doing.

I am grateful every day for picking up a pencil and writing him a letter. That letter has changed my life for the better.

He is an incredible blessing to me. I am also glad he gets me. He understands what I love and does his best to provide it.

I love you John. Thank you for another magical year.