loving…John Thill now and forever
eating…hot fudge sundae
drinking…hot chocolate
watching…Hallmark Christmas Movies
going…to enjoy Christmas Vacation
reading…The tough kid book
texting…My grandson RYKER
playing…PAC MAN
stressing…about my to do list
celebrating…every single day
listening…Christmas Music
thanking…Heavenly Father for all of my blessings
buying…too many things
pinning…kindergarten ideas
planning…next school year
visiting…my husband
wondering…how I got lucky enough to live this life

The ongoing classroom saga

I have never had a whole summer to prepare a classroom. I am finding I am very overwhelmed because now I feel like things have to be perfect or just right.

I have been spending several hours a day organizing, planningand printing packets getting ready of the big first day of school.

I have to do lists all over the place. They are working well because when I drive out to my class, I just complete a few items on that list. Then, I go home. The hard part is driving the 25 minutes each way. i feel like I have to be able to stay there for an hour or two at least.

I am so excited about the changes that have been made in the class. In August, I will have a classroom reveal. I hope I can wait until then to show you the pictures!! It looks just like I pictured (so far).

A huge shout out to the 3 beautiful girls who came and helped me out today. They worked so hard I bought them lunch and a frosty. They were so happy.  I can show you a picture of the closet. I am still working hard on it but, it is coming along nicely. 🙂

I don’t know why I thought teachers actually had the summer off. Maybe next year when my routine and decorations are more established.

Now, I want to start designing my own lesson plans, hand outs etc…and put them on teachers pay teachers. See, I will probably never be done.

Lazy days of summer

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I am enjoying summertime. However, I am not sure they are really “lazy” days. My kiddos get up between 5/6 am still.

I guess I don’t have to go into work if I don’t want to and that is pretty cool. Except that I really miss “my” kiddos.

I have been into work a couple of times. I am anxious to set up my classroom. I think I will feel better when it is set up and ready for students. I have my copies made already. 🙂

I wanted to show you the state of my classroom when I shared with another teacher. What a mess!My side of the classroom is the 2 left and the middle top cupboard as well as the counter from the black phone to the left.  Our storage closet is in the next picture. Mine is from about the middle to the left. the things on my floor (on my side) are the result of having to clear of the counter tops/floors/shelves in the classroom for the summer.

The bottom picture is the last week of school. Pardon my pile of papers, they were the yearbooks the students were making.

The last photo is my half of the classroom cleaned out on the last day.

Finally, everything is removed and I have begun to hang bulletin boards.

The top picture is the beginning of my focus wall and calendar area. The bottom picture is the same thing just a different perspective.

I ended up sharing my classroom with a  wonderful teacher. She really was great. It was hard finding a common ground at first. There were things I did to annoy her and vice a versa. I am excited to start planning my own class. I have decided to do a “chalkboard theme“. If you are able to enlarge the picture, you will be able to see the really cute polka dot border I have. 🙂 (My cute daughter Lydia was the photographer.)

Anyway, it was hard sharing a classroom but now that I shared, it will be hard doing it all on my own. There are definitely perks to having 2 of you using a room.

Right now, I am working on my lesson plans for the year. this is the first year I have been hired in the spring and I have all summer to prep and get ready for the school year. It is kinda nerve wracking.

Any advice on getting it all done?


Half Day Kindergarten

Is this a thing of the past? I have been looking for ideas on how to fit in all of the items we need to accomplish in a day and I am coming up short by a couple of hours. Most websites that I have seen only have full day kindergarten schedules.

This is what I need to accomplish  in a day:

Literacy Block (reading to self, read to by teacher, listening center etc…, writing, small groups)



S.T.E.A.M activity that ties to the core ( art, engineer, technology,math, science)

library, drama and or specialty


sharing work



Of course there are transition times as well.

It is hard being a teacher. It is also incredibly rewarding. I never realized all that kindergarten teachers had to do until I became one. I truly love kindergarten and the students. Trying to fit everything into the day is like playing a game of Tetris.

Any ideas?

*a little visit from a friend from the BYU Bean Museum.